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Walking in his skinny jeans!

 Why I put jeggings on my son is a mystery to me! 16 months old, just starting walking!

Quadruped no more!

 I think I can say with almost absolute certainty, that on this day, July 22, 2011, at the ripe age of 15 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days old, that William is officially...a BI-PED! :-)

viral exanthem experience?

Hey ladies,

My 13 month old little girl has suffered a triple whammy. She's got an ear infection, strep throat, and some kind of virus that makes her break out in a rash. The doctor says that it's probably some kind of echovirus or coxsackie virus causing it and it's not worth specifying because there's 70 bazillion strains of either strain. It'll clear up on it's own without any further trouble.

She can't go back to daycare until she's had no fever for 24 hours (check!) and the rash has cleared up. Well, she's been covered head to heel with something that looks like this rash. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this and could tell me when it cleared up for them.

when we can't get enough of each other?

 anyone want to populate a google+ circle?
Poll #1749685 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 05/10 BABIES!

What is the gender of your baby?


How many teeth does your baby have?

0-4 teeth
5-8 teeth
8+ teeth





What types of fluids is your baby drinking these days?

breast milk
formula milk
cow milk

How are these fluids getting into the babies mouth?

sippy cup
regular cup

Are there more babies in your future?

Yes, not pregnant
Yes, already pregnant
No, all done

What was your baby's first word?

If you could give your May 2010 self any advice from May 2011, what would it be?

What kind of birthday cake did your baby have?

Dana update

1. Baby Name and Age: Dana, 11 mo  6 days

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: 23lbs, 18mo clothes

3. Food! What kind? 3-5 formula bottles/day, breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, 1-2 breasfteeds at night. is willing to eat or at least try lots of table food that our family eats, her 2.5yo brother is still fairly picky though. favorite foods include zuccini, noodles, sweet potatoes, and beans. Insists that she feeds herself almost exclusively and wants to try spoons.

4. Sleep habits: Gets up at the crack of dawn, naps on the way to dropping off daddy at work, midday nap from 12:30-2, naps on way from getting daddy at work.

5. Any "changing table" issues? I have her in a size 6 diaper because her butt needs the extra room to breathe or else she comes down with diaper rash in this very warm TX spring. However, this means that almost every time she poops, she leaks. Dana still does not sleep through the night and it's grinding me down.

6. Milestones: WALKING! she's the cutest thing when she's toddling around, started doing this about 3 weeks ago. 

7. What's driving you crazy, if anything? She has a difficult time transitioning between activities sometimes, and will fuss when there's a change of activity or scenery, that's kinda annoying. 

8. How are you doing in general? Disappointed, I had an interview and I found out that I didn't get the gig. 

9. Are your health and weight loss concerns going well? Still have 40lbs of baby weight to lose, but I'm starting to feel on more sincere about doing something about that since we've cut down on breastfeeding so much lately. 

10. Anything else not covered in the above: anybody here from the netherlands? or scotland?

William turned ONE yesterday!

 03/27/11, Yes, the little-preemie-that-could turned ONE! He's about 20 lbs, and about 31 inches. His eyes are mostly green, though one eye is slightly hazel. His hair is blond. He's still cruising and crawling and is an absolute chatter-box! Still breastfeeding though our bfing relationship isn't what it used to be. With all the teething (he has 9, including one molar) he's not been wanting to nurse, so I've been pumping...for a year. We try to nurse in the am and just before bed time and I pump throughout the day. 

His party was on his actual birthday. It was a spring-garden themed party. It took me 18 hours to make the sheet cake, 6 cupcakes and his smash-cake. The cakes were funfetti (boxed) and I made homemade buttercream and homemade chocolate candies. His smash-cake had a glaze instead of frosting. The glaze was breastmilk mixed with powdered sugar. ;-) 

He got a zany-zoo, a trike, and a lil' quad from the grandparents. He got toys and clothes a plenty and some books from everyone else. It was a nice day!

Enclosed are pictures and videos!CLICK HERE...Collapse )

Dana's 9 mo update

1. Baby Name and Age: Dana, 9 months 6 days

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: 18 month clothes, 20.3 lbs, 29.25"

3. Food! What kind?

50/50 breastmilk/formula.
breakfast = cheerios
lunch = stage 2 or thick puree
snack = something snack-like such as yogurt or cracker
dinner = tiny pieces of table food for self-feeding and/or puree

4. Sleep habits:

8:30-9 morning nap (in car getting daddy to work)
1-2:30 afternoon nap
5-5:30 late afternoon nap (in car getting daddy from work)
7:30 bedtime

Still waking up 2-5x a night and it's frying my short term memory

5. Any "changing table" issues? Ugh, the poop is awful. Dana came down with some kind of rotavirus-like diarrhea and vomiting and it's screwed up her digestive system for the past week. I've been feeding her rice cereals and gentle foods since thursday to try and ease her tummy back into normal food. It's been an unforgiving process because anything that doesn't agree with her digestive system makes her scream all night long.

6. Milestones: Pulls up to standing on everything, started transitioning from army crawl to proper crawl, strange anxiety, seperation anxiety, pointing, first words: "yeh-oh" for yellow and "door" for dinosaur. I'm very excited for her but only slightly disappointed that her first words weren't "mama".

7. What's driving you crazy, if anything? The girl eats like a horse all the time (when not having tummy problems) and I constantly feel like I never have enough milk and we're always having to resort to supplementing with formula feeds. I'd like to have it go either way, not this 50/50 stuff.

8. How are you doing in general? Good, good. Still figuring out how to be a SAHM to my little baby girl and 2.5 yr old son. I'll catch on one of these days. I also have an interview at the end of this month.

9. Are your health and weight loss concerns going well? Still on a weight loss plateau, which is a little frustrating.

10. Anything else not covered in the above: This is not my first time at the rodeo so I'm not confused by much these days.

11. Any funny stories to share? Here's a little schaudenfreude for y'all ......

Dana is into head-banging right now. So unfortunately, this results in Dana head-butting us all the time and today I think I'm gonna have a fat lip from her head-banging her enormous noggin into my mouth. Also, she has learned to click her tongue. Guess what I get to wake up to 3am ?

klik! - kllllllik! - klik! klik! klik! - klik! - klik!

until just today, my LMP was 18 months ago

have you had your period again since having your baby?


if yes, how old was your baby when you period started again?

0-2 month(s)
3-5 months
5-7 months
8-9 months
9+ months