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little angel broke her wing

My little girl broke her clavicle! Snapped in half like a little pencil. The doctors say that her little rubbery baby bones will just mend and sort themselves out and grow with her. They don't even suggest a sling, but to let her use her arm as she feels comfortable doing. Luckily for us, she seems rather pain-free and doesn't complain about it. 

So when your little 2.5 year old falls down, give them extra kisses for me. They're definitely not as indestructable as they think themselves to be. 

Dana is 2!

My 05/10 baby was born in June because she came in past her due date, but we still had a really fun birthday.

I made her cupcakes made out of yellow cake and strawberry icing, she picked those out herself. We had a small, family-only party at the house to eat the cake and open presents that had been shipped in by the boxful. Then, during the weekend, we went to a farm where she could ride ponies, feed goats, go on hayrides, etc. 

At her 2yr well-child check-up, it turns out that she's still a huge baby: 35.75 inches and 32lbs. 

Tell me about yours. 

bite bite bite

Has anybody successfully convinced a child to stop biting their fingernails?

My 05/10 baby is not the problem, she doesn't care how long hers grow, but it's her 3.5yo brother. He was always interested in biting them instead of clipping them, but recently, he's taken them down to the wick. While his fingers aren't bloody, it looks darn well close enough.

I bite my nails, not down to the nubbins, but there's still some white and I prefer shorter nails due to all the typing i do in the day. I'll admit that it's one of my least favorite things about myself and I wish I didn't do it. I cringe looking at other people's chewed-up fingers and feel bad for them too, nothing says repressed anxiety like nail-biting. 

Admittedly, we did just move across the county 2.5 months ago and potty training is pretty much done. I thought he was taking it well. Maybe not. As a SAHM I do try to keep him busy but I can't do anything but remind him for the Nth time to stop doing it when he's in his car seat while I'm driving. 

umbrella = um-reh-rah

isn't the "language explosion" stage so much fun? 

all these new words just fall out of dana's mouth everyday. on the other hand, she's getting very assertive with them too!
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SF bay mamas?

I was just curious to know if there are any of our group in the San Francisco Bay Area. We just moved in from TX, currently in Sunnyvale, and my husband will commuting to work near Stanford. 

Dana is the 05/10 baby of mine and she has a 3.5yo brother too, Bruce. They need new baby friends :) 

Whether or not meeting up is possible, I have lots of questions about the SF Bay that could use some answers. Please email me.

dee are kay eye em double-u eye el es oh inn @ gmail


Just curious, how many are expecting a baby soon? :) Anyone expecting in May 2011?

this milestone is finally here!

I know all our kids are around 16months in age, but it's taken me this whole time to drop approximately 50lbs in baby weight. Lots of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit better these days, which is great because cold weather is upon us, but not everything fits the same. Hips are a little wider and my silhouette is not what it used to be. But hey, progress right?

Dana's my 2nd child, so there was still some baby weight left from her older brother and that's my next goal!

as much as i love my baby girl....

.....pooping on the bathroom floor and then finger painting with it is definitely something i could do without.


 Two years ago, a miracle occurred. A cell began to divide over and over and over and over and over again. Today that cell is wreaking havoc all over my house.